GDC works with a multitude of professional individuals spanning the fitness, elite sport, nutrition and wellbeing industries. They have years of experience in producing plans to suit the different needs of our clients. From weight loss to muscle gains, sports performance to event preparation, our trainers come highly regarded and highly recommended.
Many of our clients work out at their homes. In gyms designed by us, their garden or just about any space big enough to swing a kettle bell or pull on a TRX! Our trainers are equally adept at training you in your local park, office or whereever suits.
Clients are treated with professional precision and individuality. Whether you are looking for a regular trainer to oversee all of your fitness training, would like to up the ante for an event or are looking for a little extra motivation and fresh impetus every now and then, our trainers will bring enthusiasm, energy and fun to your work out. With their wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding of modern training methods that work, they can help you achieve your goals and more.