To utilise a small unused space (5 sqm) on lower ground floor for fitness training..

What GDC did: The client was a current GDC personal training client, training mainly in the garden and a nearby park. As winter approached the client wanted to continue training in the comfort of their home at times when light (not to mention the cold weather!) was an issue. They wanted extensive equipment without comprimising the layout and living areas of the house. Space was the biggest issue. GDC created the perfect fitness area without impacting on the clients day to day living and without the use of an actual room specifically for fitness.

What GDC do now: GDC continue a great 4 year relationship with the client as their personal trainer. Over this period their fitness goals have evolved greatly. GDC has advised and changed their fitness space on numerous occasions to keep up to date with the latest fitness trends and equipment that helps them stay at the forefront of fitness training.