At Gym Design Consultancy, our aim is to create, develop and implement a tailor-made gymnasium which will utilise only the necessary equipment for you to achieve your fitness goals. Everybody is unique and so are their fitness needs. With this in mind, your home gym, office gym, hotel gym or fitness space should be specific to you, too.

With over eighteen years experience in the fitness industry, GDC offers an independent, professional and unique perspective on the most effective products available to enhance your fitness training. GDC works with the world’s leading fitness equipment manufacturers to provide professional quality and beautiful looking gymnasiums whatever the size of the project. With a vast awareness of what is on the market, coupled with our hands-on experience in the fitness world, GDC is in a unique position to create the perfect gymnasium for you.

GDC is a forward thinking and innovative professional service that helps you find the best solution for all aspects of your fitness lifestyle. Whether it be designing and delivering your bespoke gym, buying and advising on specific equipment or personal training and wellbeing, GDC is a great focal point for anything fitness-related.